Restart Route

This feature allows a user the ability to clear the previous inspection flags from a tour and begin to reinspect this route like it was the first tour.  The benefit of this feature is that it retains the previous inspection information for the restarted route and will create a new tour report for the restarted route.

This is a great feature for the customers that have reoccurring inspections on a periodical basis like security rounds and cannot sync between tours.   This feature allows the user to restart or resume an existing tour and be able to work throughout the day performing the your with a clean slate.

To use Restart route you first have to enable the restart feature which is user restricted. The user group will require having miscellaneous rights to be enable/disable this feature on the mobile device.  

To begin go to the settings page and toggle the Enable Restart Route Option to ON

Now the feature is enabled you will have the ability to resume or restart a route.