Auto Update

Auto update is a feature that adds efficiency by allowing for the completion of a selected task(s) without having to tap on the screen or answer questions. 

In order to use Auto Update, the user must be assigned to a user group that allows full access to Auto Update. For more information about user groups please review the documentation.

Auto Update is accessed from the settings menu. To access it, click on the menu and select settings.

On the settings screen click on Auto Update.

Before Auto Update can be used a task or tasks must be selected. Click on the filter icon to view a list of all active tasks within your system. 

Tap on one or more tasks to select them. A green arrow will appear next to each task that is selected. When you are finished selecting tasks use the back arrow to return to the Auto Update screen. 

Tap the toggle switch to turn Auto Update on. **Note that Auto Update will remain on, and the selected tasks will remain selected for all sequential sessions for the user, until the user returns to the module and turns auto update off and/or selects different tasks.**

Tap the back arrow twice to return to the route selection screens. Navigate to to route requiring inspection. Note that an icon appears at the top of the screen alerting the user that Auto Update is enabled and listing the selected task(s). 

After tapping into the applicable zone, begin scanning checkpoints in the same manner as would be used to navigate through a normal route. Each time a checkpoint is scanned that contains the task which is selected in the Auto Update filter, the task is instantly passed. The pass is notated with a green checkmark next to the task. If the task has an associated question set, the question set is bypassed and does not need to be answered. If desired, the user can tap on the task to answer the question set or change the task to a fail.

From the Equipment Details screen, the user can scan the next checkpoint and repeat the process through the route without ever having to tap the screen or answer questions.

When a task is passed using Auto Update, it is notated on reports with the use of a double asterisk.