Sync Due as of

Sync Due As Of Video

The feature Sync Due as of allows the user to push the users assignment sync as of date to a longer duration.  By default when you create a users assignment and you select Due and Overdue, the assignment will send anything that is due or overdue as of today.

The Sync due as of in the device menu will over ride that todays date to durations like end of week, end of month and so on.  This allows you to make sure that you have all of the inspection due the end of the period selected are sent to the device.

Example, let's say it is the 5th of the month, you have your users assignment set to Due and Overdue,  but you want all inspection due to the end of the month send to your device, by setting the Sync Due as of selector to the end of the month will force the server to follow the rules set by the device and ignore the as of today rule.

Step to set Sync Due as of

Click on the 3 dots

Then select Settings

Finally set the duration desired and Sync