Configure iSafe Mobile Device

Several steps are required to configure the iSafe Mobile intrinsically safe hardware combination of IS530.1 and the IS-TH1 for use with InspectNTrack.

Step 1

Scan the following barcode to configure the scanner to the proper setting:

Step 2

On the device home screen swipe up from the bottom to open the app drawer. Tap on the Settings icon, then scroll to the bottom and tap on Buttons.

Once on the Buttons screen scroll to the bottom. In the EXTERNAL CONNECTED BUTTON section, tap on Short Press Action.

Select No action.

Step 3

Download the InspectNTrack app. Login to the app and perform a sync. Do not attempt to scan barcodes yet. Any attempt to scan barcodes at this stage will not work and will produce an error beep.

Step 4

Restart the iSafe device and scanner. After the device reboots open InspectNTrack.  A pop-up box will appear asking for permission to access the barcode scanner. Click OK. Login and begin inspection.


The hardware configuration is complete and can now be used with InspectNTrack. This configuration is only required to be performed once during the first time a new iSafe device is used.