Discrepancies are optional functionality in InspectNTrack. Discrepancies are either generated automatically from a failed Question (Question must be configured to trigger a Discrepancy) or manually added into the database, based on User permissions.

Analyze each Question and determine the need to generate a Discrepancy (or Incident) based on the criticality of the failed question. Often times Questions that fail are not critical enough to justify subsequent action or may have been resolved during the inspection.

Discrepancy List.png


  • Are reportable on the Incident and Discrepancy Report
  • Most fields are optional on this form
  • Select Date Closed (enter a date) to change the Status from Open to Closed
  • Notes can be recorded to document pertinent information (example: a Work Order number from your CMMS system)
  • Cause - Create a table of common causes for the purpose of tracking causes related to discrepant conditions
  • Resolution - Create a table of common resolutions for the purpose of tracking the resolutions required to remedy the Discrepancy
  • Corrective Action - Open text field to document corrective action if and when applicable

Normal is the default priority when a Discrepancy is created on the desktop/laptop. The priority level for discrepancies triggered from a failed question is based on the priority selected for each question.

Priorities are:

  • Emergency
  • Urgent
  • High
  • Normal (default)
  • Low

Emails can be triggered from Discrepancies based on the associated Priority. Refer to Manage Scheduled Emails for information pertaining email triggers based on the priority of the Discrepancy.

Refer to Incident Sets for additional information on how to use Incidents.

Discrepancy Form.png

Add a Manual Discrepancy (not generated from a failed Question) 

1. Select Discrepancy

2. Select Add New

3. At minimum, complete the required fields (Details and ID)

4. Cause, Resolution, Corrective Action and Notes are all optional

5. Select Save