The Dashboard is the default page that is loaded upon logging into InspectNTrack.

Dashboards are a tool that graphically display data based on pre-configured criteria.

  • Dashboards provide a quick visual update on selected items.
  • Additionally, drill-down functionality is included on the dashboards, providing specific detail for each chart. From the data drill-down, print capability is available.
  • Dashboards are fully customizable per User and cannot be shared. This allows each User to configure Dashboards that are specific to the individual.

The following is a list of data options that can be tracked using the Dashboard:

  • Due and Overdue Equipment
  • Total Task Performed
  • Monthly Breakdown of Task Performed
  • Type Failure Rate
  • Discrepancy Totals

The following filter options are available:

  • Site
  • Customer/Division
  • Route
  • Zone
  • Building
  • Equipment Type
  • Task
  • Date options

The data can be displayed with the following formats:

  • Bar Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Table

How to Setup a Dashboard:

  • Select Customize Dashboard
  • Select Add Component
  • Title is a required field
  • Select the Component Type
  • Complete other options as needed
  • Select Save to complete the Dashboard

NOTE: Once a Dashboard has been created, you have the option to either Edit or Delete as needed.