Version 22.5.270

The new release contains the following features and fixes:

  • Added a larger scan button at the bottom of the screen for users with smartphones who scan with a camera
  • Added a control to prevent the device from going to sleep during the sync process
  • Added the ability for a user to click equipment records on the zone search page
  • Updated release version information on the settings screen
  • Enhanced the question set format to reduce the number of steps required to start a question set
  • Added a toggle to the settings screen which allows a user to disable auto recording of completed question sets
  • Added a lock to the Site Name and Server Address fields on the login screen to prevent unintentional editing. The fields can be unlocked with a link at the bottom, left corner of the screen
  • Fixed a bug associated with filtering by building
  • Fixed a bug associated with 1302 sync errors
  • Fix a bug that prevented Auto Move from working in Roam Route

Feature Video