Version 22.1.180

Dear InspectNTrack Customers,
We're pleased to announce that a new version of the InspectNTrack mobile app will be published by the end of the day today, January 18th. You can determine your current app version number by looking at the bottom right corner of the InspectNTrack settings screen. Please sync all mobile devices prior to updating. The new release contains the following features and fixes:

  • Added "Restart Route" feature
  • Added a feature that takes a user back to their place in a list when returning after visiting a checkpoint
  • Fixed a bug that caused Tour Report headers to not display properly
  • Fixed a bug that caused equipment reached via Quick Start to not display proper report headers
  • Fixed a bug causing crashing when revisiting a partially completed question set
  • Fixed a bug that prevented backing out of a location question set
  • Status and Task filter enhancements
  • Fixed a bug preventing incident based equipment moves from recording properly
  • Fixed a bug preventing cameras from scanning QR codes

Please update your app to version 21.1.180 so that you can take advantage of improved performance. As always, we appreciate your business and continued support of InspectNTrack.