Version 21.3.11

Dear InspectNTrack Customers,

We're pleased to announce that a new version of the InspectNTrack Android mobile app has been released to the Google Play Store. If you have not already, please update your app to version 21.3.11. You can determine your current app version number by looking at the bottom right corner of the InspectNTrack login screen. The new release contains the following features and fixes:

  • New feature added to allow logging of undefined barcodes
  • Addition of in-route Auto Update
  • Addition of add new discrepancy and add new incident to the menu of the Roam Update and Quick Scan screens.
  • Implementation of mobile access restriction according to user group permissions
  • Enhancement of the move equipment pop-up message
  • Additional field setup options added including copy fixed equipment, copy moveable equipment, and copy location
  • Addition of a button to the camera scanner screen that turns on the device's flashlight for better ease of scanning
  • Ability to disable Google Analytic reporting
  • Bug fix to ensure that discrepancies generate from incidents
  • Bug fix related to invalid discrepancy additions
  • Bug fix relating to case sensitivity of credentials at login

If you are an Android user and have not already done so, please update your app to version 21.3.11 so that you can take advantage of improved performance. As always, we appreciate your business and continued support of InspectNTrack.