Version 21.2.12

We're pleased to announce that a new version of the InspectNTrack Android mobile app will be released to the Google Play Store on 15-Feb-2021 after 3:00 EST. This is a major release that impacts the navigation through the app and introduces new features. We suggest that users review the new app instructional documentation prior to updating. Please use the button link at the bottom of this email to review the documentation. After reviewing the documentation, please update your app to version 21.2.12. You can determine your current app version number by looking at the bottom right corner of the InspectNTrack login screen. The new release contains the following new features and fixes:

  • The app no longer auto-syncs during login. App login takes the user to the sync screen where they must click the sync icon to sync the device prior to being shown the begin inspection icon.
  • Discard changes / clear collected data is now available in the form of a trash can icon on the sync screen.
  • Auto Update is renamed Roam Update to make way for route-driven auto update which will be included in a future release.
  • Add new incident or discrepancy is now accessed from the menu and screen icons previously used for creating them have been removed.
  • The menu options have been reordered and a settings menu can be accessed from every screen within the app.
  • The new settings menu contains access to the following features:
  • Sync
  • Shared Assignments
  • Quick Scan
  • Roam Update
  • Auto Move
  • Bluetooth Scanner Setup
  • Signature Capture
  • Logout
  • Manually tapping on a checkpoint no longer records a visit on reports unless a task is completed. In order to record a manual visit, the user must tap on the i icon to the right of the checkpoint details.
  • The location description is now present on the equipment details screen.
  • A bug preventing the use of location question sets has been fixed.
  • A bug causing crashing when syncing signatures has been fixed.