Adding Question Sets to Locations

Question sets are not only for equipment, they can also be assigned to a location. Location question sets automatically launch when a location is scanned and must be completed prior to scanning equipment. Location question sets are available but do not automatically launch when a location is manually visited. Follow the following process to add a question set to a location:

Use the Route Builder to navigate to the location you wish to add a question set to. Click the location name to open the location record.

On the location screen, navigate to the Route Assignment section and check the box next to Question Set

Checking the box will automatically launch a pop-up box that contains a list of question sets. Note that you may not see the desired question set on page one if you have multiple pages of question sets. Use the navigation links in the upper right corner of the box to change screens, or use the search box to search for a question set by name. Click on the name of the question set to add it, then click Save on the location record screen.