Adding New Questions to a Question Set

In order to add a question to a question set you must first create a new question setor navigate to an existing question set.

Click the Add button to the left of the desired Question Set (yellow icon with a question mark and add sign)

The Add Question box will pop-up.

General Section

Question (Required): Type the question into this box exactly the way you would like it to read on the mobile device.

Information (Optional):  Add any additional information here that could be useful to a technician while answering this question. When information is included in this box, the technician will see an information icon next to the question on the mobile device. When they tap on the icon, the information will appear as a pop-up box.

Standard (Optional): Enter the standard for this question. Example = NFPA.

Reference (Optional): Enter the code reference associated with the standard. Example =

Code Req (Optional): Enter the standard and reference code details here. 

*The standard and reference prints on the executive management report alongside failures.

Options Section

The options section is where the question response is setup.

Question Type (Required): Select the type of response.

  • Multiple Choice - Ideal for Pass/Fail/NA or Yes/No/NA questions (NA is optional). There is a four response limit and each response is limited to four characters. Failed Questions can be configured to trigger a Discrepancy and/or an Incident. Default Answers and Warnings are optional.
  • Numeric - Numeric Readings are configured for any type of numerical record, including pressure, temperature, weight, seconds, etc Value ranges are optional, Low Range, High Range, both or no range. Failed Questions (readings outside of the range) can be configured to trigger a Discrepancy and/or an Incident. Default Answers and Warnings are optional.
  • Pick List - Ideal for Questions that require a response greater than four characters (see Multiple Choice) or is configured to permit the inspector to have multiple responses. Failed Questions can be configured to trigger a Discrepancy and/or an Incident. Default Answers and Warnings are optional.
  • Date - Records a date reading (remember by default all inspections are date and time stamped)
  • Text - Question is worded for the inspector to complete in an open text format(25 character maximum). An example would be the last Question in a Question Set and the text question is worded for the inspector to enter miscellaneous inspection comments.
  • Bar Code - Inspector would need to carry a Bar Code strip with bar codes that represent particular values. The inspector would respond to the question by scanning a bar code.

 (Required): Set the desired responses. 

  • Fail Column (Optional) - Check the box in this column for the answer(s) that fails.
  • Action Column (Optional) - Check the action box next to the failing answer if you would like the system to perform an automated action when this question fails. You must select one or more actions in the Question Actions Trigger section for this to work.
  • Warning Column (Optional) - Check this box next to the failing answer and add text to the warning box. When this feature is enabled, anytime a user selects the failing answer on the mobile device the information from the warning box will be displayed as a pop-up message. The user will then have a chance to revise the answer prior to moving on.

Questions Actions Trigger Section

Use this area to define automated follow-up actions for failing questions. The action box must be checked next to the failing answer in order for the trigger to work.

Incident - Check this box to trigger an incident if the question fails. You may use the search tool to find and designate a specific incident for this question to trigger, or leave the incident box blank and the user will be able to select from a list of all incidents.

Question Set - Check this box and use the search tool to find and select a question set from the list of existing question sets. When this trigger is used, a failing answer will navigate the user immediately to the chosen question set. Once the trigger question set is complete the device will navigate back to the next question on the original question set.

Discrepancy - Check this box and select the discrepancy priority from the drop-down list. With this option the system will automatically create a discrepancy when the failing answer is selected.

Default Entries Section

Default Answer - You may check this box and select one of the response options from the drop-down menu to designate a default answer. When a default answer is enabled, the answer to this question is preselected on the mobile device. The user can still navigate into the question to read it and change the answer, but navigation into the question is not required to complete the question set on the mobile device.

Store in Property - You many check this box and select one of the available properties. When this feature is enabled the response is updated in the associated Property. More information about properties is available here.

    Select OK to save after completing all the sections.

    Note: Questions can be re-ordered using click and drag functionality; simply click on the Question to be moved and drop on top of the Question that it should precede. Questions can also be dragged into other Question Sets.