Setup Cascaded Tasks

The use of Cascaded Tasks allows multiple tasks to be completed during a single inspection. This is a great efficiency booster within InspectNTrack! In this example the weekly task has been cascaded. This means that anytime a monthly and a weekly task are due at the same time, the technician only needs to perform the monthly inspection to complete both inspections. 

The Cascaded Tasks feature is located on the Add/Edit Task Description screen. To access it, use the main navigation menu to hover your mouse over Tasks, then click on Task Description. On the Task Description dashboard menu, click on an existing task to edit it or add a new task.


To setup a Cascaded Task, scroll through the tasks in the Unused Tasks box to find the task you wish to cascade. Highlight the task by clicking on it with your mouse, then click the arrow button to move it into the Cascaded Tasks box. Repeat this for any additional cascaded tasks.

To remove a Cascaded Task, click on a task in the Cascaded Tasks box to highlight it, then click the left-facing arrow to move the task back to the Unused Tasks box.

When you are finished setting up Cascaded Tasks, click the blue save button in the lower left corner of the screen.

NOTE: Question Sets are not completed when Cascading is used; the Last Done Date is simply updated upon synchronization.