Use Advanced Scheduling

Within a Task Description, you can enable greater control over task scheduling by checking the box for Advanced Scheduling and then clicking the button that says Options...

Within Advanced Scheduling you start by setting the frequency. In this example the task is set to repeat every month.

Next, determine exactly when within the month the task should become due. In this example, all monthly tasks will become due on the 1st day of each month, regardless of what day they were completed in the previous month.

Finally, use the filters to determine when the task becomes overdue. This allows tasks to move to an overdue status when they are not completed on time.

The Seasonal selection prevents the task from being assigned during non-designated date periods.

When the filter selection is complete click the button that says OK to return to the task description setup page. Click the blue save button at the bottom of the Task Description screen to save your Advanced Filters to the Task.