Adding and Editing Users and Defining User Roles

Anyone that will access InspectNTrack must be setup as a user this includes device users. Each user is assigned a role that is associated to rights and permissions.

There are five default user roles:

  • Administrator - Full access to all tables
  • Power - Modifiable access to various tables
  • Regular - Modifiable access to various tables
  • Field Technician - Modifiable access to Reports and User Assignments (User table)
  • Report User - Modifiable access to Reports only

User roles can be modified by the Administrator in the Admin/Configure User Groups area. Refer to Configure User Groups for additional information on user roles.

  • Language Select - Each user can defined their preferred language, InspectNTrack currently supports 5 languages. (English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese) Learn more in Lauguage Support.
  • User Access - Select Edit User Restriction to configure User access Sites, Customers, Divisions or Routes (This is an enterprise subscription option)
  • User Assignment/Edit List - Refer to User Assignment for details on assigning data to be downloaded to the device

How to Add a User

  • Select User Tab
  • Select User
  • Select Add New
  • Fill in the ID field with a name or number (no spaces or special characters allowed)
  • Fill in the user name ((Example: Joe User), (do not use last name, first name format, this will make your user specific reporting unusable) (required and case sensitive)
  • Fill in the user password (required and case sensitive)
  • Fill in the users email - this must be filled in to use the Forgot Password option on the Login screen. (optional)
  • All other fields are optional

Select Save